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Life’s Questions

944654_519022388145009_63337935_nAll of us ask big, tough questions about our lives, our choices, and our relationships. These questions are a sign that we are seeking something new … or different … or healthy.


  • What is causing my problem?
  • Why am I hurting?
  • How come I’m so stressed out?
  • Do I really fit in?
  • Am I safe?
  • How long should I grieve?
  • Can my relationship improve?
  • Am I a good parent?
  • Do I have a substance issue?
  • Does anyone else feel this way?
  • When will this get better?
  • Who cares about me?

There are dozens, probably even hundreds more of these questions! Sometimes these questions are too big to answer on our own. GracePointe Counseling Center has caring professionals ready to help find your way into the questions, work through some of the answers, and look ahead to your next life season.

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