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About Us


Our History, Our Blessing

We are a remarkable family of mental health providers from the Tri-Cities of Northeast Tennessee. We have grown with the collaborative efforts of local businesses, non-profits, churches, civic leaders, and innumerable other blessings. Since our beginning we have been successfully meeting the needs of the people of Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport, and beyond.


In October of 2007 Denise and Mat Tynes approached the owners of several private mental health practices about the possibility of building a common referral base for Full-Service Psychological Care. This referral base would deliver counseling, psychological assessments, coaching, medication management, etc. through one strategically designed system of care. Additionally, a well-trained management staff would assist clients through the difficulties of scheduling, insurance authorizations, referrals, and therapeutic options. Finally, every effort would be made to accommodate all clients with honest, caring concern for their individual needs, personal requests, and life concerns.


On February 13, 2008 GracePointe Counseling Center opened for business in an attractive Johnson City location with one excited management worker and four wide-eyed providers. Word-of-mouth, advertising, and continued blessings allowed GracePointe Counseling Center to reach maximum capacity in less than two months!


By July, only six months after opening, GracePointe Counseling Center offered four highly trained management experts and nine state-board certified providers to several hundred clients. Community leaders, clergy, and physicians have come to depend on the excellence of service provided by GracePointe Counseling Center. It has become one of the “go-to” facilities in this region because of our ability to accommodate and meet needs. Above all, our comfortable atmosphere, and gracious attitude of acceptance continually bless the staff, the providers, and our clients.


As stewards of these great relationships and many unwarranted blessings we are continually prompted to ask, “How may we serve you?”

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