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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to delivering Psychological Care for each client according to their specific needs, life season, and desire for faith-based integration in such a way that they will eagerly share us with their friends and family.

Our Vision

GracePointe Counseling Center provides Psychological Care through a strategically constructed network of churches, medical facilities, schools, businesses, not-for profits, and other organizations thus serving all levels of need for individuals, groups, and communities thereby making significant contributions to the successes of all involved.

GracePointe Counseling Center …”How may we serve you?”

Our Values

  • We value purposeful living in order to glorify our Creator.
  • We value grace as an ultimate expression of love and care.
  • We value healthy relationships that challenge and encourage.
  • We value honest, open, full disclosure of facts whether good or bad.
  • We value service to others without promise of compensation.
  • We value strategic planning guided by prayer and flexibility.
  • We value diligence and commitment to quality performance.